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Stretch Film

Our stretch film is perfect for wrapping around any product, ensuring that it remains protected during transit.

Hand Film


Features and Benefits

  • Two-sided cling
  • Unwinds quietly and easily from the roll
  • Aggressive load containment
  • High clarity film

Common Applications

  • All-purpose hand wrap
  • Manual warehouse applications
  • A, B loads
  • Provides 5-10% down gauge potential against commodity films
Machine Film


Features and Benefits

  • One-sided cling
  • Quiet and easy release film
  • Unwinds off the roll smoothly, helping to reduce edge tears, and film breaks
  • Great puncture resistance
  • Superior clarity

Common Applications

  • Ideal for high speed applications and equipment, including ring wrappers, orbitals, and tunnel wrap applications
  • Load types: A, B

Selling Applications

  • 5–10% down gauge against commodity films
  • Extremely versatile film can be utilized for most applications
Pre-Strech Hand Film

Pre-Strech Hand Film

Features and Benefits

Light-weight, low gauge rolls

  • Easy to handle rolls
  • Effective wrapping with less effort

Folded outside edges

  • Reduced “neck-down” during wrapping, allowing utilization of film’s full width
  • Decreased roll damage and waste


  • Differential cling
  • Glidesmooth™ cores for decreased application friction
  • High yield and load containment with light gauges
  • Excellent puncture and tear resistance
  • Advantaged sustainability compared to conventional hand films

Selling Applications

  • Load Types: A and B
  • Warehouse and Distribution Centers
  • Cold & Humid Environments