V-board is made by laminating paperboard into a sturdy 90 degree right angle. V-board performs a variety of packaging protection, stabilization, strengthening, and containment functions. V-board comes in many sizes and calipers. (thickness in thousandths of an inch)
An example is as follows:
3 1/2 x 2 1/2 x .225 x 48″ V-board

*** The first two figures measure the leg size. These leg lengths can be up to four inches. In many cases the leg lengths are the same, but many others have combinations which better suit your specific applications.

*** The third figure, .225� in this case is the caliper of thickness of the piece. .225 is 225 �points� out of 1000, or a little less than 1/4� in width as measured by a micrometer. The caliper of the V-board piece goes a long way towards preventing damages to the edge of stacked products during strapping and transport.
*** The fourth figure is the overall length of the V-board piece.