Pallet Wrapping

What are the benefits of Pallet Wrapping Machines?


We understand that in this economy the bottom line is a priority for your company. With a pallet wrapping machine you can set to wrap your product load with the least amount of film needed as opposed to any employee who may use unnecessary extra amounts of film. Extra that may not hold better but simply be unneeded waste. The use of pallet wrapping machines also addresses the hidden cost of damaged hand wrap rolls which cannot be used due to nicks or damage from being dropped and or being left lying about .This can be up to 15-20% of your hand wrap costs. Again, machine eliminating unneeded waste and saving you money.


pallet wrapping machineWrapping your pallets is the last thing you do before your product goes out the door, but it is the first thing your customer sees.Your customers ideas of your ability as a supplier are based upon the presentation of the product and is thus reflected on you. A competently packaged pallet projects the image of a caring supplier. A pallet wrapped with hand wrap can look messy and uneven. A machine wrapped pallet looks clean, finished and professional.


Wrapping your pallets with a pallet wrapping machine allows you to practice quality control and maintain load integrity .thus eliminating the concerns for variables brought by multiple operators with varying skill and training, fatigue, and time of day. The machine will consistently preform to your pre-set quality standards.


Hand wrapping pallets is an extremely difficult job even if it is done correctly. It is a common source of employee back injuries when performed incorrectly. Many accidents and work related injuries are caused by wrapping pallets. Employee turnover or multiple operators means you must continually train employees on how to correctly wrap loads to ensure customer satisfaction while ensuring they do not injure themselves. Review OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) stretch wrapping guidelines before making your pallet wrapping decision.

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