Reduce Industrial Waste Disposal and Handling Costs by Up to 80%

The ingenious design and exceptional power of the KenBay waste compactor can compact the entire contents of a traditional waste dumpster into one polyethylene bag. The dumpster method of industrial waste disposal and removal is remarkably inefficient. Research shows that up to 80% of a dumpster’s load can be air. That means that for every dollar spent on a dumpster service, 80 cents of it is, quite literally, thrown away.

With an average 6:1 compaction rate, the Clydesdale is an increasingly popular method of automating and improving existing industrial waste disposal systems.

Industrial waste disposal can be dangerous. Shards of metal, broken glass, nails and other discarded items can injure workers. This can result in lost productivity and costly disruption of work and services rendered. Likewise, some garbage compactors can be hazardous if used improperly. More often than not, an industrial trash compactor will require a trained operator. This can be costly and put an undue burden on the bottom line. Unlike other waste management solutions, Clydesdale does not require a full-time operator, providing a considerable cost-savings to companies.

Our Industrial trash compactors:

  • Compact at the source of waste to save many person-hours carting loose waste from the area where waste is produced to outside containers.
  • Improve store, factory and warehouse housekeeping, and increase safety by reducing traffic on freight elevators, factory and warehouse floors.
  • Create a clean hygienic environment by compacting wet and/or dry waste into a polythene bag.
  • Require no supervision or skilled operator unlike most conventional balers or compactors because of its simplicity in design and safety features.
  • Compact waste continuously, even for waste that is being blown or augured into them.
  • Occupy very little space and operate quietly so they can be located in areas where the waste emanates. They have a 4′ by 5′ footprint.
  • Are portable so that they can be moved in minutes with a forklift to an area where waste may be excessive for short periods of time.
  • Offer better control over waste disposal management because you are less reliant upon the waste hauler’s schedule.
  • Showcase built-in safety features as: emergency stop button; electric source isolator; motor overload protection; interlocked access doors ‘fail to safe’; and water resistance to IP 65 (hose down).